Spinning Windsock - very active in the wind, these conical shaped socks have vents in the top which trap air movement & set them spinning vertically in light winds & horizontally in moderate to heavy winds. A very showy & popular sock.

Fluttering Windsocks - The long flowing tails of these socks billow in the lightest winds and create a subtle combination of movement & colour.

Spirals & Twisters - Whether multi coloured or in the two coloured style, wind spirals poweer along in the slightest breeze. Twisters are 1.5 mts. of twirling corkscrew action in a cascade of rainbow colours.

Twirling Baskets - A very popular choice, baskets put on a great display in next-to-nothing winds. The centre basket rotates in the oppposite direction to the others.
$22 - $29.95 Single baskets - $14

Twirlysets - Three 4" twirling baskets - pint sized colourful spinning action. $15.50

Fluttering leaves - active in the slightest of breezes they twirl & dance in the wind attached to 1 mt. ribbons. They have a bright stained glass effect as l,ight penetrates the different coloured pieces of fabric. Sold in a packet of 3 assorted colour leaves.

Jellyfish - 1 metre of twisting, twirling colour - $26


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